A Standard Will Rise Up…

friends over coffeeIn recent days, I’ve struggled with the presence of friends who are non-believers, not that they are around me, I love them dearly, but with the consistent double standard that is pushed by them. At first, I thought it was just me, that since I choose not to be offended by their demands to be ‘respected’ and frequently offer them respect, but then during a recent conversation, I realized the double standard that comes from them, always.

After a discussion where I related my view of having ‘no God’ as being ‘we live and the we don’t’, one friend shared her view that we are a continuum of existence. While she believes there is something higher – a creator of sorts – her belief that we are energy and the energy continues in nature as part of a creation that is bigger than us. We (as people) are insignificant, and the ‘energy’ that is eternal, is the important part of our existence in her frame of reference.

She said that my believe in God, and that God sent his son to die for me (salvation) is egotistical, because I think I somehow matter more than other life forms. I have no problem being called egotistical, let’s set that right immediately, because I do believe that God created in Human Beings a SOUL and that SOUL lives for eternity. If we are believers, trusting in the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our SOUL will live on in Heaven. That is MY belief and I have found that belief in the Bible. I stand firm on the foundation of my faith, the BIBLE.

My problem came from her lack of respect for my belief when she then asked, “If I hadn’t accepted Christ when I was younger, believing as I do now, where would you think I will spend eternity?”

The idea that you can ‘accept Christ’ and then stop believing in Him, doesn’t work for me.

If you don’t believe, if you can’t set aside your selfish indulgences enough to have faith in the Word of God, how can you THINK on any level that you are Saved by the GRACE of God?

It may indeed be egotistical for me to think that God would send His Son to live among men, give up His life on the Cross of Calvary, and then three days later Resurrect from the pit of Hell where He, the Son of God, paid the PRICE for Man’s SIN, and assent into Heaven where He will build a mansion and await for me, once I accept his Gracious Gift. I may be egotistical to believe that God did this for ME (and all others who believe in Him, and grow closer to Him daily). And if I am being egotistical in my belief, I will accept that as my right to feel so, given that I’ve humbly repented for my SIN and accepted God’s most Gracious Gift and by Faith chosen to follow God’s Word – the Bible – as my road map to Heaven.

I’m good with the egotistical part.

What I’m not good with, is the part where she presumes she’s going to Heaven, because sometime in her childhood, or younger days, she asked God into her heart and chooses (active choice here) not to believe that God gave His Life for Her. She’s making a CHOICE not to accept the Gracious Gift of God. Out of selfish choice, she’s made to refuse trust, based on Faith in God, because she feels like she has to KNOW all the details before she can believe in something so simple as the Creation and Salvation presented in the Bible over a few centuries of writings.

My belief in God comes from choosing to allow the words spoken in the Bible to be the PROOF necessary. Not only words spoken in the Bible, but those are enough to open the door to possibilities of truths that can’t be proven wrong by any other means… Why not believe in what has all appearances of being real – including current events, hinged on Biblical truths from centuries ago?

Believing doesn’t prevent me from having an open mind about scientific research, it just prevents me from falling into every sink-hole created by a new scientific vortex or black hole of variables that don’t really make any sense, and can’t be proven.

Yeah, I’m good with being egotistical enough to believe the Bible is God’s written ROAD MAP to Heaven. Because, in his infinite wisdom, more than a dozen decades ago, He inspired this verse, that offers so much meaning and hope for me today. “The Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a STANDARD against ‘him’.” (Him, being those who rise up against Christians.) I’m a believer!

A standard against them...

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