Adam & Eve were REAL

Adam and Eve were REALDid you ever wonder, if there might be, somewhere a document or a bit of something that talked about Adam and Eve, to prove they were real?

When History teacher, and Bible Buff Jim Brooks began his telling tale of reveal to discover the facts of Adam and Eve… He found insights and revelations that brought the story to the forefront of History. Life began at Creation.

* * *

This book could wake up the population to the truths in the Bible!  Cultures around the world that had never before been visited by Christians or Jews tell of legends handed down from generation to generation that verify the majors stories of the Bible.  Some of the stories include Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, and the Tower of Babel.  The names of the events may be altered somewhat but the stories are similar.  There are 250 books and numerous Journal Articles referenced to show the validity of the items. Scientific evidence has validated what it would be like prior to the flood. The conditions were ideal for long life due to—oops I better let you learn by reading the book.

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