Testing God

Don’t be Fleeced by the Fleece.

And now it’s time for the big test. God calls Gideon to go up against the Midianites to free His people, but Gideon is afraid. Gideon comes back to God and says, “Lord, if,” not when, but If You will save Israel by my hand as you have promised, then I’m going to set this fleece out, make the fleece wet in the morning with dew, but make the ground around it all dry as a miraculous sign so I can know you will really do this. (Judges 6: 36-37)

Now, you may have heard the phrase, I want to set out a fleece, as a way of getting to know what God wants me to do and people sometimes use this idea. What I want to notice is setting out a fleece was not a good thing. God had already promised Gideon he was going to do it. The fleece was not an expression of trust. It was an expression of doubt and an immature faith. I say this because sometimes people use this fleece idea to try to manipulate God or in kind of superstitious ways.

prayingKen Davis talks about a guy who goes to a bakery, is driving down the road, sees a bakery and says, “Alright, Lord, if there’s a parking space in front of that bakery when I drive by, then I’ll know it’s Your will for me to go inside and eat a donut.” And sure enough, his fifth time around the block there’s an open parking space in front of the bakery.

If you know Him, then I think His word for you today is – I know all about the Midianites in your life. I know about your worries. I know about your kids. I know what you’ve lost. I know about the divorce. I know about the stresses in your marriage. I know about the job failure. I know where your dreams have died. If you just ask me every day, I will be as big a presence in your life as you will let Me be because – I’m big, I’m big enough!

We have a great big wonderful God who says, “With me nothing is impossible!”

Tidbit by Pastor Dennis Bradley

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