Enlarge my territory…

Prayer of Jabez

I’m a firm believer in prayer. I know that God answers prayer, and for many years, I prayed the prayer of Jabez, intending that God would expand my territory. And he did. He has consistently enlarged my territory, be it my family, my circle of friends, or the space where I live, I feel the growth and expanse in everything I do.

But there’s more in this prayer that has kept me safe from harm, and free from pain over the same many years.

We all crave God’s blessing on our lives, and often times, we ask him for the blessing, but we forget the rest of that process. If we ASK for his blessing on our lives, we then must SEEK that blessing.

The waiting period between the request and the receipt of the blessing can be a short period of time, or a long time, depending on our perception of time. Or more, dependent on whether we begin immediately to expect and seek that blessing.

Be remarkableMy son arrived in a new community with enough money saved to last for three months, plus his emergency fund. I asked if he’d been looking for a job.  He said, “I’ve sent out a few resumes, but I wasn’t here, so I hadn’t specifically decided what I wanted. Now that I’m here and looking around, I know that what I was looking for before I got here isn’t the kind of job I really want.”

We worked through several days, with him passively posting resumes and details about the kind of job he wanted, while he continued to review different companies, worked a few one-time-shifts, and did several volunteer, or fill-in positions, until he decided which company and how he wanted to go back to work. Finally, he showed up in his dress clothes, ready to seek out the job he had decided he wanted, and said, “I’m going to go get that job this morning. I have my resume printed and in a folder, my lead letter is in there, and I’m ready to go, is there anything I should do?”

I said, “You’ve prayed about it. We’ve all been praying for the right job, and you’ve done your research, if this is it, go Be Amazing.”

He stood up, straightened his shoulders and walked out the door. I expected him back in a few hours, had no doubts he’d have the job when he returned, and didn’t worry about him. I did say a prayer, and sent him off with the knowledge that he could do anything he chose to do with God’s blessing.

He returned several hours later with his girlfriend, and they’d gone to dinner to celebrate his new job. He got the position he wanted at more than the salary he’d asked for, and would be working primarily from his home office, because that’s what he asked for. He prepared for that position, and already had the new computer and required equipment to do the job from home.

I was again reminded, ask, and then seek.

“Let your hand be on me, O Lord, that I be protected from harm, and do not cause you pain…”


Jan Verhoeff – Online marketer, social media guru, and writer.

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