Historically speaking

Historically Speaking

History teaches us that, when times get tough, we call upon the Lord. He hears us, blesses us, and we prosper. With the prosperity, we begin to find other things that take up our time, and God becomes secondary to our lives. Soon, we are actively worshiping things, creating our own idols, and our hearts forget our God. Because we turn from Him He turns from us, and we begin to seek our own destruction. At some point, we reach the bottom, and we again begin to seek God. And, each time, He answers and reminds us of the simple truth that only He is the true God, and only He can bless us. Then, sadly, we begin the cycle again.

The Bible tells a similar story of the History of Israel. They followed the same process, and because of their failure to maintain their faith, they failed, time and time again. In fact, the Book of Judges details their failings, with God sending judges to bring them back out of captivity 13 separate times, only to have them fail, fall back into captivity, and revert back to God to save them.
Food For Thought
Come on folks, wake up!

Just my thoughts!
Don D. Stephens

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