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Kaydyn’s Story – How I Became a Super Hero

The night the fire happened I was eating at the kitchen table. It was dark, but I had a candle to see with. When I got finished eating I carried the hot candle to the living room and put it on the shelf that was too high, I guess I didn’t get it off the edge. I went to bed with Jaxyyn on the couch and woke up hearing Jaxyyn screaming and saw the fire everywhere. It was burning us, we jumped up running and screaming HELP.

KaydynJaxyyn was hugging me and I was hugging him, we were on fire together. Jaxyyn said I had big black bubbles on my face. We couldn’t find Mommy anywhere it was too dark, so I grabbed Jaxyyn gently by his arms and took him to Mommy’s room because it was the only room not burning. Millie and Elias were in there asleep I opened the window and put Kaydyn & JaxyynJaxyyn out the window and a lady took him. Mommy finally came in the house and came in the room and grabbed Elias and I grabbed baby Millie because Elias was too heavy for me. Then Steven ran in the room and grabbed me and threw me out the window I hit my forehead really hard and don’t remember anything after that except standing in the street and ambulance put us on a rolling bed. Now, I hate candles, I hate fire and Sirens. They scare me. Now I had can’t have any fun for a long time. I wish the fire never happened.

Kaydyn talks about the fire everyday on way home from hospital, I think because the pain he endures in tub is a reminder of the burning on his body that night.

He has more to add every day.

So this is a REAL live SUPER HERO! Taking care of brother and putting him out the window first and trying to help baby sister also before himself.

Thank you Sheila Shelia Whitten Mcnutt for making him this well deserved Super Hero Cape!

blessings from heaven

Note from Blog Admin:

Kayden is a little boy who was burned badly in a house fire. His story has been shared on Facebook for a while now, but this portion of his story was written by him.

We’re asking for prayers, and if you happen to have something you want to give, feel free to contact me, leave a comment, and I’ll put you in touch with a member of his family via email. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Kaydyn’s Story – How I Became a Super Hero”

  1. Thanks for sharing Marilyn.
    Such a blessing this little guy must be to his entire family and friends.
    Super Hero!!!

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