Mike Martin – Saved By Jesus

Mike MartinI used to be a drug addict and an alcoholic. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 11. By the time I was 21, I was doing crank & cocaine together intravenously. Also eating lots of magic mushrooms and blotter acid. I knew I was killing myself and that I’d better do something or I wasn’t going to live very long so I joined the Navy to get away from myself. One thing I learned; wherever you go, there you are! Little did I realize that when I got sent overseas, THAT’s where the GOOD drugs are! Man, I really went wild. Uncut stuff, black tar opiated hash, even accidentally took Heroin when I was in Jamaica. Met and married a dancer in a bar; needless to say, it ended in divorce. SOMEHOW, I got out of the Navy alive with an honorable discharge and moved back home to my hometown where all my old partying buds were. it didn’t take long til I was killing myself again only this time, I was loading up so hard that I started overdosing. it was after my 2nd overdose and 5day stay in the hospital, after the nurses pumped me back UP to 115 lbs., my friend invited me to an outdoor concert at the park sponsored by VWO Colorado Springs. It was great rock music by a church band called “Axis.” (I still have a recording of the concert on cassette!) This man approached me (thank God for that man) and asked me if I had ever accepted Jesus as my Savior.
I thought about how I had tried drugs, booze, women, hallucinogens and countless other means but I had never tried Jesus. He asked me if I wanted to pray to accept Jesus and I said I did. That date was September 9, 1989. That’s the date I will never forget. the day Jesus changed my life.

Within 3 months I was free from all the drugs and alcohol, within 5 months I had stopped smoking and by now it’s been almost 30 years.

God has given me a beautiful wife, a 13 year old son, 2 businesses and now I’m on the 6th year of pastoring LifeSeed Church in Lamar, Colorado. We are seeing people get saved, delivered from all kinds of stuff and God is still in the business of changing people’s lives. I thank God for Jesus and the pastors He sent into my life Scott, Alan, Mike and I thank God for pastors Ron and Marie Jones of VWO Co. Springs. (they’re the ones who sent Axis to Lamar) If not for them and Jesus, I’d be pushin up daisies.


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