Patience… Lord?

praying for patienceDid you ever wonder why your patience are tested?

I live in an area where there are small children, and small children scream. A lot. In fact, they scream even when there’s no reason to scream.

That usually isn’t a big deal, unless I’m on the phone, or tired from a long day of working… Then, my patience wear thin rather fast.

I’m not a mom who tolerated screaming a lot. My kids knew when I said, “Shhhh…” it meant they needed to quiet down.

So, recently when I mentioned that I really wasn’t doing well with all the screaming tantrums, my son reminded me, “Don’t pray for patience.”

His mischievous grin deserved to be noted, if not wiped off his face with sandpaper… lol

bible and coffeeYou’d think he’d been listening to my prayers as I prayed for God to expand my territory, bless me with patience, and grace to remember that I was once a young mother too…

You’d think…

God, about that patience… I don’t remember praying for patience, Lord?

But if I was, it was because I already had reason to need them, and needed more patience to get through those moments. Please Lord, I need help with these moments. And Grace to remember that this too will pass.

God bless.

Thank you Veterans!


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