Treasures with Mom

When I first saw this video, it had already gone viral on Facebook and Twitter, people were beginning to share the videos on websites, and the news stations hadn’t yet caught it… But they have now.

Kelly Ridings posted the videos on Facebook.

A man in a UPS uniform singing with his mother who accompanied them on the guitar. So much love… The two watched each other as they sang, love filled eyes and smiling. You couldn’t help but fall in love with the relationship they shared.

For those of us who miss our mother this Mother’s Day, these videos bring tears of joy – oh the memories.

Every mother prays for her child. And the joy a child experiences hearing his mother pray is palpable in the music. The words of this song, remind us of those who spent hours on their knees wearing holes in the floor beneath them as they prayed for their children.

Blessings come from this song each time I hear it again, and I’ve probably added a good number to the counts of visitors who listen to it daily.

Dreaming of a Little Cabin, originally shared by Porter Wagoner, has been repeated by many.

This rendition is now my favorite.

In dreams of yesterday, I wondered…

If you haven’t heard these songs, please take a moment and listen.

Better, take a moment and share them with family and friends.

Alzheimer’s is such a horrifying disease. I can tell you, the joy of hearing a mother with alzheimer’s lift her voice to words she remembers is one of the greatest joys you can ever experience. That moment of having them back is only to be treasured.

Thank you my dear sweet friends for sharing these videos. I hope you do make more, and I’m fortunate enough to hear them, and watch them.

God bless you both this Mother’s Day.