This is the Day…

By Scott H. Northrup

Today is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Those are the words that came to me in the shower this morning. For those who are going through a trial and longing for a breakthrough, these words can be taken as a promise. Today is the day. It is a reminder that God is with us NOW to provide what we need. It is God’s way of saying, live in the moment. God’s name is I AM, not I WAS or I WILL BE. God lives in the moment. TODAY is the day that God has made. So let go of what lies behind, and live life to the full TODAY, pressing onward toward the goal. Today is the breakthrough day.

If we have some big thing ahead that we are dreading, we tend to put off our happiness till the day that is over. Or if past failure and sin dogs our steps, we tend to always be looking back over our shoulder. Neither way is what God intends for our lives. He desires that we have life and have it abundantly, starting today. And He has made every provision available for that abundance.

But receiving it begins by rejoicing and being glad in today. That activates our faith to receive all the blessings of God. Those blessings include forgiveness, mercy, wisdom, healing, peace in our minds, financial provision, and a breakthrough in our trial. So rise up, child of God, and break through. Reach out with all your might and seize what belongs to you by Divine Right. Reach out by rejoicing that it belongs to you now.