The Great Iam. Iam God.

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“When life is too much and the load becomes heavy, pray.”

The message lifts me up to greater heights, and I know… I must leave it to God.

As my children grew, I experienced more than what I believed to be my fair share of struggles, and prayer became my constant answer. Those teen years when the battles were big, and I had to win – there is no option during those years for failure as a parent – you must win. I went to the battle in prayer first.

Sometimes the prayer was short, “God, help me.” But that was enough. God knew what I needed and he provided. Always my help in the darkest hour, God provided answers.

Now, my children are grown, and I send them out with a prayer to fight their battles. “God, help them.” Because I know he will.

A friend called yesterday asking about her daughter, and I prayerfully responded. Her daughter is mature enough to stand alone, yet her mother rushed to her side in a crisis, as parents often do. The daughter is taking advantage of mom being there, but in the wrong way. I lovingly recommended boundaries.

I knew at the time, that recommendation would haunt me.

Recommend nothing to others that you’re not willing to pursue on your own – as Grandma would say.

This morning, a childish game of fun triggered a bigger incident. I sat quietly at my desk allowing the program to play until the end, while I continued to focus on work. It wasn’t my party. I didn’t have to respond to the event. In silence I prayed for those involved and remained outside the situation, refusing steadfastly to get involved beyond prayer. After a lull in the storm, anger began to subside and life took on a less stormy look. I let a sigh of gratitude escape and glanced around the room. As peace once again took hold, I realized that God had stilled the stormy seas, and all was well.

Be still...I said nothing, and of me, nothing was asked. The storm clouds gathered, but I wasn’t in the eye of the storm. I was simply a bystander, waiting in prayer.

How often do we miss the opportunity to be still and know the great Iam. Iam God.

I know there are those who may say I’ve a typo in my meme, but the reality is that there is none… Iam God. In life, we must remember the great Iam.

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