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The Great Tribulation

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about how close we are to the period of time referred to as “The Great Tribulation”. I believe that, during this 7 year period of time, we will see the earth revert back to the time of Judges in our relationship with God. You see, we are told that “He that letteth with let, until He be taken out of the way. And, then shall that wicked be revealed…….”

This is a representation of the Holy Spirit in the church. When the church is raptured (taken out of the way), the antichrist will be revealed and the tribulation will begin. When that happens, there will be no further Christian leadership on the earth. The Holy Spirit will not work through Christians in guiding others to the Lord, as He does now, and this is why I believe the Lord will speak to those remaining on the earth through Judges sent to guide and lead folks to the Lord, before it is too late, and the Lord returns in final judgement.

Because of that, I believe it is every Christians’ duty to review and study Judges to see how things might be during the tribulation. It will be far worse than anything in Judges, and the calamities will all be of Biblical proportion. Persecution of those who accept the Lord as Truth, during this time, will be severe, and most will have to starve or be beheaded, should they refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast.

So, I am going to do another teaching on the Book of Judges, and invite you all to join. I am posting the introduction at the end of these comments and, depending on how many of you decide to join me, I will cover a chapter a week, and take questions and comments.

There is one exception: If anyone begins to become belligerent or post inappropriate comments, I will simply delete the comments and block them from the teaching page.

Judges can teach us many thing about how to live, how to remain committed to our beliefs, and how to prepare for those things to come. The main thing we can do is to pass along this wisdom to our family and friends. Even if they do not accept the Lord in time to make the rapture, they will be better prepared to handle those things to come. There are some amazing stories in Judges. Most folks know about these heroes of the Bible, but some are far less known than others. For example:

The third Judge, Shamgar, is mentioned very little, so we know very little about him. There’s only one verse devoted to him in Judges, and just a mention of him in the song of Deborah (who was the first and only woman Judge).

After him the [third judge] was Shamgar the son of Anath, which slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad: he also delivered Israel.

The ox goad was a pole, about 8 foot long, that had a sharp metal end, with which they would prod the oxen, as the oxen were plowing. This was to keep them going. Some of these ox goads were as much as 6 inches thick. It would take a pretty strong man to wield one of those ox goads. This guy did it. With it, he killed six hundred of their perennial enemies, the Philistines.

Later, we will see that Samson killed 1,000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. This guy was of the same style as Samson, even though we get little information about him. We know his name is Shamgar, and we can see he is an interesting character. He is strong, and God used him to deliver Israel. Too bad we don’t know more about him. He was special, because God called him and used him.

2017 – Book of Judges

In the history of Israel, and the Middle East, many of the kings followed the pagan practice of offering children as live sacrifices to the pagan gods. I fear for our nation, because we have made such a strong move in that direction. With the kings of Israel, like Menessah, it all began with his walking in the ways of the kings of Israel, making these molten images for Baalim.

Man has always found himself worshipping the sexual body. With some of the rituals associated with such worship, the result was unwanted pregnancies. The sexual reproductive worship was practiced as the worship of Ashorem. The sacrifice of the unwanted children was done to Molech. This is all very similar to how premarital sex has become an accepted practice today, and abortions are the mechanism to rid the unwanted pregnancies. In our time, we have seen a tremendous liberalizing of our attitudes towards sexual relationships. We now sacrifice the unwanted pregnancies to the god of Molech. We call abortion the more humane way, because the child is destroyed while it is still in the womb being formed. We don’t give it the opportunity of ever being born, as though it is less sinful then, than it would be later. I cannot be convinced of that, and I believe that this nation will have to answer to God for this worship of Molech.

He offered his own children unto the pagan god, Molech, the god of pleasure. Burning his own children alive was meant to somehow show devotion and love unto Molech. This was their form of abortion in those days. Whenever you open the door to pornography, and man’s passions, and sensual desires are aroused, you then have that pressure towards promiscuous sexual relationships. It follows a pattern, and promiscuous sexual relationships lead to unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies lead to pressure for abortion, or the getting rid of the product. In those days, they had not the sciences of abortion, as we have today, thus they would bear the child, but then they would take the baby and place it alive, in the fire.

They’d burn it, cremate it.

Our courts opened the doors for pornography, when the Supreme Court said that they were unable to define obscenity. Because it was an indefinable term, it was the result of the influence of existential philosophy. Existential philosophies declare that there are no absolutes, what may be obscene to me may not be obscene to you. If there are no universal morals, or universal standards, then you cannot have a true definition of obscene. So, the court, buying into the existential philosophy, declared “We cannot define what is obscene”.

Their inability to define obscene, opened the door to all types of sex magazines with explicit types of sexual pictures, designed for the purpose of arousing and inflaming a man’s passions, stirring a person in a sensual way. When someone gets involved in pornography, there is a satanic force and power that gets hold of them. It is the worship of a pagan god! In the old days, they called it Ashorem. Paul said, “They that sacrifice to these idols, are actually sacrificing to demons”. When you start getting into these things, a demonic hold comes upon your life, and you develop a desire for more and more. Soon, just a female form standing there nude isn’t enough. You begin to search for something that is a little more tantalizing, and enticing, and arousing. The pornography becomes worse, and it deepens its hold on your life, until you become a slave to it. At that point, you are led into all types of perverted sex, for any sex outside of a commitment within a marriage vow, is perverted sex. Pornography is a perversion of God’s intention for the purpose of giving to us the capacity of sex, and giving to us the enjoyment of sex, and giving to us sexual drives. God gave this to us for the purpose of creation of a beautiful intimacy between two persons who have committed their lives to each other. “For this cause a man shall leave his mother and father, and cleave to his wife, and they two become one flesh.” God’s purpose, God’s design, is to create a beautiful unity, an oneness, to create total intimacy between the two in a sacred relationship. Homosexual and lesbian relationships are a perversion of what God intended. Any use, outside of that God intended purpose of the bond, and intimacy of marriage, is a perversion! That leads to unwanted pregnancies.

The next thing the courts decided was that anything that consenting adults wanted to do was alright. They obliterated all of our laws against adultery and against homosexuality. They got rid of all of those laws, meaning anything that consenting adults want to do is permissible. Suddenly, we began to have hundreds of thousands of unwanted pregnancies. The court was then obligated to rule that abortion is okay, if a woman desires it. And we began to sacrifice our children to the fires of Molech. Millions of babies each year, in the United States alone, have been sacrificed on the altars of Molech. For this, God brought the nation of Israel into judgment. For this, God brought the heathen nations into judgment. For this, God will surely bring the United States, and our world in which we live today, into judgment.

You cannot just go on continually defying the laws of God, and thinking that you’re not going to have to pay! There’s a price for this kind of licentiousness, as this nation will surely discover. “He caused his children to pass through the fire.”

Now, with that said, I believe that we are indeed living in the last days. There are no events remaining, which have to occur, before the Rapture of the church and the beginning of the Tribulation period. During the Tribulation period, I believe we will see the world, especially Israel and the Middle East, fall back into the time of the Judges of Israel. In fact, we are told that there will be “two witnesses”, who will prophesy for 1,260 days, before being slain in the street. They will have their bodies remain in the streets for 3 ½ days, and we are told that “those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them, make merry, and send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the earth.”

After the 3 ½ days, they will rise and ascend into Heaven in a cloud while the world watches. I believe these two are actually Elijah and Enoch, because they both went to Heaven without tasting death, and I believe their role is similar to the role played by both the prophets and the judges of the Old Testament. At this time, the “time of the Gentiles” will be over, and the Jewish folks will have their eyes opened to the true Messiah, Jesus. These two men will be here to witness to the world, and specifically to the Jewish nation, of the fact that they rejected the one true Messiah in Jesus, and bring them into repentance and acceptance of their error.

So, because there is coming a return to the times of the Judges, I felt it appropriate to again provide teaching notes on the book of Judges, for anyone who wants to take the time to read them. I did this last year and it began well, but folks fell off, as other things in their lives kept them from the study. I will set up a group called “Judges-2017” and open it to anyone who wants to let me know they have an interest. That way, if you miss one of the chapter teachings, or fall behind, you can go to that group and read the notes on your own schedule. I know you will find a study through the Book of Judges not only informative, but satisfying.

The book of Judges covers the historic period of the nation of Israel from the time of the death of Joshua, to the beginning of the rule of the kings of Israel. We don’t know just how long a period of time that God actually used judges, but most scholars agree that the period of time was between 300 and 400 years.

During this period of history in Israel, there were thirteen different judges, who God raised up in those times of spiritual weakness. When God raised up each judge, Israel would see spiritual revival. During the time of spiritual revival, God would give Israel victory over their enemies. Eventually, each time, the revival would fade, the folks would turn to false gods, and the nation of Israel would fall into captivity. You can see that the nation of Israel was in a bit of a roller coaster ride, because there were 13 judges. This means there were 13 revivals, 13 falls into sin, 13 periods of captivity, and 13 periods of deliverance from the oppression of the enemy. There are vast and valuable lessons to be learned from the book of Judges. I plan to cover each chapter in Judges, one lesson at a time, so that we can all see some of the valuable lessons to be learned from this period of history in Israel.

For those of you who are students, or regular readers of the Bible, you will recall that the book of Joshua began with the words “Now after the death of Moses.” The book of Judges begins much in the same way, with the words “Now after the death of Joshua”.

It is interesting that the book of Judges does not follow a precise chronological order. It begins with the words “After the death of Joshua”, but the death of Joshua is actually recorded in Chapter 2. It also goes back to pick up a little of the book of Joshua, including Caleb’s capture of the city of Hebron.

I invite any and all of you to simply request to join the Facebook page “Judges-2017”. I will also post my teaching notes on each chapter on my regular page, but I would encourage you to go to the group page to post regular discussion on each of the lessons, including questions about the text. I will attempt to answer to the best of my ability and knowledge.

Anyway, I will create the page tonight, and will add any and all who wish to join over the next week or so. Then, we can do a chapter a week for 21 weeks, or work and a slower or faster rate, as desired by the group.

Just my invitation to share my thoughts in a 2017 study of the Book of Judges!

Just my thoughts!
Don D. Stephens

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